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Exciting News: The Launch of the TPI Service Charge Index

At SAMAS, we're excited to share fantastic news from The Property Institute (TPI), where our Managing Director, Samantha Massey, serves as a Director.

TPI has introduced the TPI Service Charge Index, a major step towards transparency and understanding in the property management industry.

Tackling Rising Service Charges

Rising service charge bills have been a growing concern for leaseholders and the industry. TPI's Service Charge Index provides averaged data on service charge expenditures across estates managed by TPI members. It also offers detailed analysis of the trends and factors driving these costs, bringing clarity and robust evidence to the conversation.

Enhancing Public Understanding

We are proud to see our efforts gaining recognition. The BBC has featured our findings, offering a balanced perspective on rising service charges. This coverage is crucial for educating the public and enhancing the reputation of our profession.

Access the Index

You can view the Service Charge Index and the article "Why Service Charges Are Increasing" on the TPI website. This public resource is valuable for clients and residents, providing insights into the reasons behind rising service charges.

Ongoing Commitment

TPI is committed to updating the Service Charge Index annually. This continuous effort will provide accurate and insightful data, building a robust evidence base for media and stakeholders.

Here at SAMAS our entire organisation is built on the supportive, educational approach espoused by the TPI and demonstrated in the transparency of this new index, and we're delighted that our clients, and those of all Property Managers, will be able to benefit from easy access to this information.

For any questions or comments about the Index or how it might related to you or your situation - as a client, resident, property manager or anyone else - please feel free to get in touch.


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