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  • Samantha Massey FRICS FIRPM

The first King's Speech in decades - and what it means for leasehold property and housing

This week saw King Charles III deliver the first ‘Kings Speech’ in decades, laying out his Government’s legislative plans and ambitions for the next Parliamentary session.

Having analysed the details, SAMAS have welcomed the announcement of the key bills relevant to Housing, which are:

  • Leasehold and Freehold Bill We look forward to the Government's long-awaited Leasehold and Freehold Bill which is expected to inject fairness into the housing market. This includes measures that are designed to make it cheaper and easier for leaseholders to extend their lease, buy their lease, take over the management of their building and measures to improve transparency of service charges.

  • Renter’s Reform Bill This is set to upgrade the private rented sector and improve renting for the long-term. The speech says: “Renters will benefit from stronger security of tenure and better value, while landlords will benefit from reforms to provide certainty that they can regain the properties when needed.”

It is worth remembering that inclusion in this speech by no means equates to a guarantee of a bill becoming law - the Government have just laid out their key areas of focus until the next election - but we welcome these positive intentions.

At SAMAS, we see it as our responsibility to guide our clients and customers through any changes, ensuring they are informed and understand their rights.


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